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I can already hear the diehard steel-tippers typing away at their keyboards sending me lots of nasty emails for adding this "blasphemous" review to my site, a watch that will tell you your outs. I'm promoting people not to learn their math! Then a few comments about how school systems are going to h*ll and it's things like this and people like me that are bringing all this about. How dare I!!!!!

Well, first of all I consider myself a steel-tipper at heart, but I also throw soft-tip darts. Secondly, I know my math and I believe that we can all agree that all of the best dart throwers do and that is more than just a coincidence (no, I am not nearly arrogant or naive enough to count myself in that category). But we can also agree that we've seen more bristle boards hanging in the houses of throwers with out charts than those without. Having said this, please read the rest and then formulate your own opinions.


  1. Unlike out chart posters/cards, this will give you multiple options for outs when they exist. This can be an eye-opener for the beginner that thinks that you always have to aim at the 20/T20 with their 1st dart regardless of their score. I wonder how many throwers out there do not realize that T16/D16 = 80 or T18/D18 = 90??
  2. It's very easy to use. You hit the enter button and then the out you have left. If you do not turn the time back on again, you won't have to hit the enter button again. For those of you using the laminated pocket out charts, this is much quicker than trying to fumble with them.
  3. If there are more than 3 possible outs (that's all the display can show at one time), you can push a button to see the rest.
  4. The outs are listed in the order that the manufacturer felt were the best ones to shoot for. Whether or not you agree with them will be your call.
  5. It keeps 24 hour/military time. What can I say, I like it.
  6. It's easy to set.
  7. It's lists for $49.95 (you can find it for under $40). I guess whether this is good or bad is up to you. Many of us throw darts that cost quite a bit more than this and I've known LOTS of beginning throwers that think they have to spend money on the most expensive darts to be good when it's time they should be spending practicing and learning their outs, but that's another conversation. :-)


  1. It's a little larger than your "average" digital watch. Sometimes when you look at it, the time won't be showing because you bumped it into something hitting the enter button by accident. Then again, unless you're wanting to learn your outs while you're not throwing darts, I guess you wouldn't really need to wear it all the time.
  2. Depending on where you're at, people are likely to give you a hard time about using it. Some people will think it's neat, others will somehow claim that using it is cheating (but having a teammate/partner tell them what to shoot at is ok, you figure it out, I can't).

Recommendation: If you've been throwing for a number of years and already know your outs, you don't need this (unless, of course, you collect anything dart related like I do). If you're new to the sport or just not good at math, this is a much better tool than an out chart. It will at least give you options to choose from, when they exist, as opposed to one out that somebody felt was the best. How many new throwers would think about aiming at the T8/T16 pie when they have 64 pts left as opposed to a T20???

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