Whirlitzer™ Rotating Flight System

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According to the package, this system does the following:

  1. You can throw tighter groupings with them because they 'dramatically' reduce deflections. When struck by another dart the flight rotates, reducing resistance and offering a clear path to the target.
  2. Whirlitzer™ solid one piece design produces consistent uniform flights that deliver precise trajectories.
  3. Eliminates Robin Hooding.
  4. Whirlitzer™ flights are molded from high strength all virgin materials so that they last longer.

When I first saw them, I liked them. I like the way they are constructed and believed that they would last for a very long time. They looked much more durable than the Dynastar system. It just goes to show that looks can be deceiving.

I put them on my darts and proceeded to use them one Friday night here at home. I had a couple of bounce outs which caused the end of the shaft to bend every time. Talk about annoying!! Not only that, but after a little more that 2 hours, one of the flights simply broke. Since I only had one set, I had to change shafts.

Pros: You can buy a top that will allow you to use your regular fligh as opposed to the Whirlitzer™ flights.


  1. They are heavier than most shafts/flights combination. Would not want to use on a light dart.
  2. It doesn't take a whole lot for the end of the shaft to bend.
  3. Cost. Just one set of shafts and flights will run over $8.00.
  4. It may have been a fluke, but I had a flight bust on me in just a couple of hours, not to mention how many times I had to straighten out the shafts!!

Recommendation: I didn't care for them. If you throw a heavy dart, have a lot of bounce outs and do not have carpeted floors, these shafts/flights will easily bend.

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