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A Bar Player's Guide to Winning Darts

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To begin with, here's a little bit about the author. Capt Fred Everson has been throwing darts for over 40 years. By day he charters a fishing boat in the Tampa Bay area (, at night he throws darts. No suits, no ties, no business meetings, hell for that matter no shoes. The cover of the book shows him throwing darts in flip-flops. What a life!!

Capt Fred states in the introduction, "This is not a book for dart technicians and world-class wannabees. As the title clearly implies, it is about playing darts in bars, taverns, and pubs." That pretty much sums it up. This book is geared toward the vast majority of throwers, at least here in the United States, those that throw in their favorite local "watering hole" in individual games against friends, or in blind draw tournaments/dart leagues.


  1. This book covers all the basics of the game from the stance to '01/cricket strategy.
  2. Fred uses real-life examples and incorporates his sense of humor/sarcasm. Read about the time he screwed up a 67 out, or about Darth, the evil point monger. The reading really flows, I finished the entire book in an afternoon.
  3. It's written in a fashion that doesn't require a PHD in English or a dictionary. The author, Capt Fred Everson, is speaking to you, not lecturing you.
  4. There are numerous pictures and graphics for visual aids explaining what Fred was talking about.
  5. He does go into explaining other games that can be played. Since '01 and cricket are the most commonly played games, he rightfully spends more time on them.
  6. The majority of this book can be used by either steel or soft-tippers. Let's face it, a dart is a dart. You still have to throw it at specific targets. The only real differences are the points and the weight. (I can here some defiant steel-tippers growling at this point).
  7. You can pick up the book for less than your Friday night bar tab (that is if you have one, of course).


  1. The only bad thing you will find about this book is if you didn't read the first paragraph above stating who this book is for and you're not in that group. If you're hunting for the history of the game or some graphics showing the aerodynamic influences each type of flight induces, you'll need to look somewhere else (thank goodness for the latter). He does get into some advanced strategies of some games, but not so deep that it would make a new throwers head hurt.


What can I say, I like this book. I found myself nodding in agreement the entire time I read this and his ability to mix in humor into the book makes it that much more enjoyable. This is a book that should be in every dart throwers book case.

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