Dartiteous II - The Return!

The responses to my previous article on dartiteous have been numerous, varied and valuable. I have received e-mails from sufferers and non sufferers offering advice, encouragement and passing on their experiences. Also from other readers asking me for help and advice!

Now I am no expert on the subject. I know the problems I had in researching material when I first discovered I had dartiteous a couple of months ago. There is just nothing out there to help you. I have only found a passing mention of it in a couple of articles and web sites, but certainly no details of it's various symptoms, causes, and potential cures. I suppose though, I have now accumulated quite a bit of information on the problem. I have certainly spent a lot of my time chatting to other players during matches about dartiteous and picking their brains for their experiences and encounters with it. This along with the e-mails received and following e-mail discussions does amount to quite a lot of useful stuff on the subject.

All I am able to do is maybe get down some of this information and pass on some potential solutions that may help some players who recognize they have the condition. Even if someone thinks..."That sounds like a good idea, I'll try that"...it may help, and any help is better than none! However, dartiteous does not have a definite pattern, and can hit individuals in all sorts of ways...What is right for one person may not be right for another!

I have mentioned in my previous article that the problem only seems to hit the seasoned darter, and I am now even more confident in saying that this is nearly always the case.

So, I have split the information into these three categories; symptoms, causes, cures. Have a look and see if there is anything you recognize that may help you or a colleague.

The Symptoms

One or more of these symptoms may be suffered from:

The Causes

Again, difficult to link specific causes to specific symptoms for an individual player, but these are all the possible causes that have been related or suggested to me. Some of them are contradictory which just goes to prove again, not everything is the same for everybody.

The Cures

Good luck any sufferers. I hope something here can help you.

That's all I can put together at the moment. These are all genuine ideas that have been submitted or told to me, and have apparently helped to cure somebody somewhere. I wish it was that simple to pick one and you're cured, but it's not. My recommendation is try a couple, try a few, try them all. Whatever works for YOU! Any success or improvement for anybody as a result? - please let me know.

Dartiteous Meets Abbott and Costello!

What's it all about then? Is dartiteous a psychological/mental thing or a physical/mechanical thing. My opinion is that it's a combination of all these things and others, that you never expected. An unwelcome intrusion in the sport that you love! I know it's Mind over Matter, and your brain not talking to your arm properly, but...

Why can't someone let a dart go properly! It's so simple!

No it's not!...It is a culmination of years of working out all those checkouts, all that practice, life at home, life at work, your thoughts and feelings at that moment in time, what someone just said to you, what someone didn't say to you, the lights, the board, the oche, how you think you're going to play, what you had to drink or eat, even what you are wearing. All this exploding in a fraction of a second as your body carries out an action that it has done repeatedly thousands and thousands of times before, in a synergy of co-ordinated yet delicate multitude of beautiful muscle movements. The feeling of release...and you know, you just know, that the dart is right! The almost perfect but silent arced flight of the dart follows. That lovely 'Dufff' sound as your dart parts and sinks into the fibres of the treble twenty! Ooh! It's almost like sex!

Now a lot of smutty innuendoes could follow here, but I will resist. I've also just realized what could be read into that statement about the state of my sex life!? Never Mind!

I know what the Dartiteous problem is..."We are only human". Susceptible to all of life's trials and idiosyncrasies. Accept it and throw!

Throw where you Look, and Look where you Throw, Rockford

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